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A group of friends—all products of Ellis Island—had moved from their confines of the boroughs of New York to West Orange, NJ. With its historic context of Thomas Edison and the spot where the motion picture was first created, it became an oasis of family living for them and a source of the solitude they sought from city life.

What they did miss, however, was the ability to discover different cultures, vibes, and food that they had grown accustomed to, living in the city and being close in proximity. Their success opening restaurants in the city (listed by Zagat's as one of the top restaurants and Chef Frank’s Mastering The Iron Chef) gave them the ability to embark on recreating "A City Within A Town"

As we have evolved as a society to encompass all cultures and genders, we wanted to create that same experience for all to share in the area which we have grown to love.


For reservations call us at 973.500.1925  To plan an even email us

12 pm onwards every day.  90 Rock Spring Rd, West Orange, NJ 07052